Implement Theory-Driven Incubator and/or Accelerator Structure to Facilitate Team-based Innovations

This expectation instructs TPP23 Hub grantees to:

  • Develop and execute an innovation strategy.
  • Support Innovation Development Teams (IDTs) to explore, develop, test, and package innovations.
  • Ensure processes and outputs are age appropriate, medically accurate, culturally and linguistically appropriate, trauma informed, and inclusive.

Incubators only:

  • Support multiple cohorts of IDTs that, by the end of their time, are prepared to transition to an Accelerator program (if they have a promising prototype).
  • Define phases that allow IDTS to start with exploration. All IDTs should employ participatory co-design methods.
  • Focus on collecting formative (not outcome or impact) data.

Accelerators only:

  • Support multiple cohorts of IDTs with taking existing prototypes that demonstrate promise to the next stage.
  • Define what is meant by “promising.”
  • Communicate to IDT applicants that they should anticipate user feedback and use participatory co-design methods.
  • Define phases and specific activities.

Hybrids only:

  • Support multiple cohorts of IDTs as a combined version of the Incubator and Accelerator models and phases.
  • Follow expectations above for Incubators and Accelerators.