Grantee Training Advisory Council (GTAC)

The GTAC is a group of Title X Family Planning Program and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program grantee representatives that support the RHNTC that training and technical assistance is relevant, appropriate, and impactful.

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In April 2021, the RHNTC selected a group of 20 Title X Family Planning Program and Teen Pregnancy Prevention grantee representatives to serve on our Grantee Training Advisory Council (GTAC). The GTAC will help the RHNTC ensure the relevance, appropriateness, and impact of training and technical assistance (TTA) provided to the Title X and TPP programs.

Specifically, members will meet at least twice annually and work collaboratively with the RHNTC, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA), and the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) to:

  • Advise the RHNTC on Title X and TPP TTA needs and preferences to help inform the RHNTC’s annual TTA Work Plan
  • Provide input on draft TTA resources through content reviews and pilots
  • Identify best and promising practices in the field related to service provision and program management to contribute to the Title X and TPP knowledge base
  • Identify areas of synergy and collaboration between the Title X and TPP programs
  • Support the RHNTC in disseminating TTA resources and lessons learned from the GTAC to the field

GTAC Grantee Representatives

 Name  Organization  OPA Program
 Clarissa Acuna  Community Action Corporation of South Texas  Tier 1 TPP20
 India Blunt  AccessMatters  Tier 1 TPP20
 Denise Marcano  Fact Forward  Tier 1 TPP20
 Andre Marria  Morehouse School of Medicine  Tier 1 TPP20
 Amanda McGeshick  Centerstone  Tier 1 TPP20
 Samaris Vega  Carlos Albizu University  Tier 1 TPP20
 Kayla McKean  James Madison University  Tier 2 TPP20 IIN
 Azzia Roberts  ETR Associates (Education, Training & Research)  Tier 2 TPP20 IIN
 Kimani Burney  Virginia Department of Health  Title X
 Katherine Dean  Ohio Department of Health  Title X
 Nomsa Khalfani  Essential Access Health  Title X
 Karen Ford Manza  Nevada Primary Care Association  Title X
 Bernadette Mason  Every Body Texas  Title X
 Darin McMillan  Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  Title X
 Sounivone Phanthavong  Rhode Island Department of Health  Title X
 Kacey Schneider  Family Health Council of Central PA, Inc.  Title X
 Sara Sullivan  Family Health Centers of Georgia  Title X
 Tracy VanVlack  Missouri Family Health Council Inc.  Title X

GTAC membership also includes representatives from OPA, OWH, and the National Clinical Training Center for Family Planning.

The RHNTC will accept applications for future members in 2023.