Grantee Training Advisory Council (GTAC)

The GTAC is a group of Title X Family Planning Program and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program grantee representatives that support the RHNTC that training and technical assistance is relevant, appropriate, and impactful.

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Apply for the RHNTC Grantee Training Advisory Council!

Applications for this opportunity are now closed! The RHNTC will review applications in collaboration with OPA and OWH and notify grantees of decisions by February 29, 2024. 

The RHNTC invites OPA-funded Title X Family Planning and Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program grantees to join our Grantee Training Advisory Council (GTAC). Applications are due by February 9, 2024.

The GTAC is an advisory group that supports the continuous quality improvement of RHNTC activities. GTAC members provide valuable input to ensure the relevance, appropriateness, and impact of training and technical assistance (TTA) provided to personnel working in Title X and TPP programs. Specifically, members will meet virtually to work collaboratively with the RHNTC, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA), and the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) to: 

  • Advise the RHNTC on Title X and TPP TTA current and emerging needs and preferences to help inform the RHNTC’s TTA activities.
  • Provide input on draft TTA resources through content reviews and pilots.
  • Identify best and promising practices in the field related to service provision and program management to help the RHNTC respond to needs in the field.

GTAC membership is open to grantee directors as well as any staff responsible for leading and providing TTA at their grantee agencies. The RHNTC is interested in having representatives from geographically diverse settings, different agency types, various TPP tiers and cohorts, both seasoned and newly-funded grantees, and large and small organizations. Selected members will serve on the GTAC March - December 2024.

The RHNTC facilitates virtual monthly, one-hour, Title X and TPP-specific GTAC meetings. The RHNTC shares an agenda and discussion questions with members 3-5 days prior to each meeting. Members have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on TTA content, the RHNTC’s TTA approaches, communication and engagement with grantees, and other needs that emerge throughout the RHNTC’s project year. Active participation is expected from all members. To acknowledge members’ time and effort, the RHNTC will provide a $1,000 honorarium at the end of the calendar year to those who participate in at least ⅔ of the scheduled meetings.

The RHNTC, in collaboration with OPA and OWH, will evaluate submissions for participation on the GTAC based on the following criteria (30 possible points): 

  • Motivation and commitment to serve on the GTAC, including demonstrated knowledge of and experience with the RHNTC’s TTA  (10 points)
  • Expected contributions to the GTAC, including roles, accomplishments, and/or partnerships that could help inform the RHNTC’s TTA (10 points)
  • Recommendations for how the RHNTC can support the field to address health equity, including anti-racism and geographic disparities, as it relates to family planning and teen pregnancy prevention (10 points)

Geographic representation and cohort mix will also be considered.

Applications closed on 11:59 PM ET on February 9, 2024. The RHNTC will announce selected members by February 29, 2024.