Training Tracking System

The RHNTC website allows any user who creates an account to track their completion of eLearning courses, archived webinars, and other training resources.

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Users can also request a Training Administrator account that allows them to create a customized list of training resources that can be shared with staff at their organization or grantee network, track completion of those trainings, and download a completion report.

Any website user can create a Training Administrator account, but the features are intended for the following staff:

  • Title X Family Planning Program grantees and subrecipients that are responsible for developing training plans for their networks, tracking network staff completion of assigning trainings, and ensuring that subrecipients and service sites comply with Title X training requirements.
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program grantees who are responsible for creating, implementing, and/or tracking completion of training plans (e.g., professional development) for their organization or their grantee networks.

These features are collectively referred to as the RHNTC Training Tracking System.

How to Track Your Own Training Completion

  1. Create an RHNTC account.
  2. Log in to the website every time you visit to quickly register for eLearning courses and complete training evaluations.
  3. Click on My Training Account to see courses you have registered for, courses you have completed, and training lists that you have saved.
  4. You can download a certificate of completion and (if applicable) Continuing Education credits after completing a training.
  5. You can also download a Training Report PDF that summarizes your completed trainings.

Supportive Resource

Job Aid: Using the RHNTC Website to Track Your Training Completion

How to Track Training Completion of Other Users

  1. Create an RHNTC account.
  2. Request a Training Administrator account by completing this form.
  3. After your account is approved, log in to the website and click on "My Training Lists."
  4. Under "Manage My Lists," you can create a new training list.
  5. The system currently only tracks training completion for training offered through You can add non-RHNTC trainings to a training list, but users will need to attest that they have completed the external training and upload a certificate of completion, if available.
  6. Once your list is complete, click the "Share List With Training Participants" to copy and paste a shareable link to the list.
  7. Users will need to click on the list and save it to their account for you to be able to track their training completion.

Supportive Resources

Job Aid: Using the RHNTC Website to Track Your Network's Training Completion 

Webinar Recording: Using the RHNTC Training Tracking System for Title X and TPP Programs Webinar 

Users with Training Administrator access can create and share Training Lists and track completion.

Request an Admin Account