Title X Staff Training Plan Toolkit

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Welcome to the Toolkit

Staff working in Title X-funded projects are expected to receive training on select topics either annually or once per project period. Additionally, training strengthens staff capacity, and having a training plan can be useful to ensure that staff stay up-to-date on their skills and also receive professional development. Having a plan and structure for tracking staff training can help ensure that Title X projects meet this expectation. 

The goal of this toolkit is to outline the two different ways the RHNTC supports Title X agencies to create, implement, and track the completion of their—and/or their networks—training plans.

Illustration of a healthcare provider looking at a computer screen

Use the first section of the toolkit to refresh yourself on Title X staff training expectations. 

The next two sections outline two different approaches for creating training plans and tracking staff progress:

  1. Option 1: Use the web-based RHNTC Training Tracking System.
    The RHNTC website allows users with a special Training Administrator account to create a customized list of training resources that can be shared with staff at their agency or grantee network, track completion of those trainings, and download a completion report. These website features are collectively referred to as the Training Tracking System. Anyone can request a free RHNTC Training Administrator account. 
  2. Option 2: Use the standalone RHNTC training plan resources.
    As an alternative to the web-based system, Title X agencies can use and adapt a group of resources to meet their family planning project’s training tracking needs.

Choose a section to review based on which option will work best for your Title X agency.

Refresh yourself on Title X Program training expectations.

Action Steps
Supportive Resources

Review the staff training expectations in the Title X Program Handbook.

Title X Program Handbook

Review the RHNTC Federal Title X Training Requirements Summary, which outlines topics that staff should be trained on with corresponding training resources.

Federal Title X Training Requirements Summary

Any user who creates an account on the RHNTC website can track their own completion of eLearning courses, archived webinars, and other training resources. Users who request a Training Administrator account can also use the website to create and share Training Lists—or a training plan—with staff. Once a staff member saves and completes the Training List, the Training Admin will be able to see this completion information for each assigned training resource.

The Training Tracking System only tracks completion for trainings offered through the RHNTC website. You can add non-RHNTC trainings to a training list, but users will need to attest that they have completed the external training and upload a certificate of completion, if available.

Action Steps
Supportive Resources

3. After your account is approved, log in to the website and click on "My Training Lists" from your Training Account. 

Using the RHNTC Website to Track Your Network’s Training Completion Job Aid

4. Under "Manage My Lists," click the button to “Create a New Training List.”

5. Add a Title and Description for your Training List. Then click the buttons to Add Training to search for and add training resources from the RHNTC website to your list. You can also add links to non-RHNTC websites. Save your list.

6. Your new Training List will now appear in your account. Click the "Share" button on the list to copy and paste a shareable link to the list. Determine how you will share it with your staff or networks (e.g., email, website, etc.). This is how you “assign” the Training List.

Using the RHNTC Website to Track Your Training Completion Job Aid

7. Once staff have saved the list, you will see their completion status for each assigned training resource. Click the “Manage Users” button to see who has saved the list.

8. Click the “View Completion Report” button for your list to see the completion status of each user. You can also download and edit a spreadsheet (CSV file) for your records.

The RHNTC also offers stand-alone tools that are not web-based for those who prefer not to use the RHNTC Training Tracking system. These three resources help plan which training should be completed by your staff, assign each training to individual staff, and log when staff completes their training assignments. Agencies can use these resources by following the six steps below. If you adapt these three resources, make sure that your changes are consistent across all of them.

Action Steps
Supportive Resources

1. Training coordinator creates or reviews a Title X Family Planning Training Plan.

Title X Training Plan Sample

2. Training coordinator communicates training assignments to each individual staff member by adapting the Individual Staff Training Log and sharing with each staff person to complete.

Title X Individual Staff Training Log Sample

3. Individual staff complete the trainings and send back the training log to the training coordinator. 

Title X Individual Staff Training Log Sample

4. Training coordinator records all staff trainings completed. 

Title X Administrative Training Record Sample

5. Training coordinator reviews the training record with relevant team members and plans additional trainings accordingly. 

6. Training coordinator ensures that documentation is easily accessible and up-to-date for OPA program reviews (recipient) or site visits (subrecipients).