Learn how the RHNTC website shares training completion with the TRAIN Learning Network website (

What is the TRAIN Learning Network?

TRAIN is a national learning network that provides training and other learning opportunities to public health, health care, behavioral health, preparedness, and other health professionals. Your state health department may use TRAIN to assign and track training. 

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The RHNTC is a registered course provider on TRAIN, and we have made some of our training content available on the TRAIN website. TRAIN affiliates can search for and assign RHNTC training content to their own networks.

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  1. When a TRAIN user is directed to training content on the RHNTC website and creates a training account using the same email address, their TRAIN ID is stored in their RHNTC account. 
  2. When the user then logs in to the RHNTC, registers for the RHNTC training, and completes the training and evaluation, that completion information is passed back to the TRAIN website as well.
  3. The user can then download their certificate of completion from the RHNTC and the TRAIN websites.
flow chart demonstrating how the TRAIN and RHNTC integration works

If you have been asked to complete an RHNTC training on the TRAIN website, follow these steps:

  1. Register for an RHNTC Training
    1. From the course page, click the “Register” button.
    2. Select a credit type (Certificate of Attendance or CNE Contact Hours).
    3. Click on “Go to Step 2 of Registration” which will take you to the eLearning course on the RHNTC website.
    4. Enroll in the course on the RHNTC website.
    5. Important! Ensure you are logged into your RHNTC account before starting the course.
    6. Click “Launch Course” to start and complete the course.
  2. Obtain a Certificate of Completion 
    1. From the RHNTC website:
      1. Complete the evaluation (on the RHNTC site) at the end of the eLearning course.
      2. Navigate back to your course list by clicking on “My Training Account” at the top right of the webpage. 
      3. Click the “My Certificates” tab. You should see the course and a link to download the certificate (and CE credit, if applicable). 
    2. From the TRAIN website:
      1. After completing the evaluation (on the RHNTC site), navigate back to the TRAIN site and click the “Your Learning” tab. 
      2. Click on the “Your Certificates” tab and click on the course you just completed. 
      3. Click on the “Print Certificate” button to download a PDF of the certificate.

The RHNTC has made several of its trainings available on the TRAIN site. If you are a TRAIN affiliate, you can find these RHNTC trainings on TRAIN and add them to your TRAIN training plans. 

  1. Log in to your TRAIN account. 
  2. Click on “Course Catalog.” 
  3. Under “Filters” click on “Show Advanced Options.” 
  4. Under “Organization” search “RHNTC.”

1. I completed an RHNTC eLearning course but did not receive a certificate. What should I do? 

Once you finish a course, you must complete the evaluation in order to obtain a certificate of completion. Make sure you are still logged in to the site when you complete the evaluation. After completing the evaluation, go back to “My Training Account” and click the “My Certificates” tab. You should see the course and a link to download the certificate or CE credit there. 

2. Can I receive a certificate of completion on TRAIN without an RHNTC account? 

No. If the course you are completing on TRAIN is sponsored by the RHNTC, you must have or create an RHNTC account to obtain a certificate of completion on TRAIN. 

3. My TRAIN account still says a course is ‘in progress’ even though I have taken it many times and received a certificate on the RHNTC site. How do I get this course to appear as complete on TRAIN? 

This issue indicates that your TRAIN account is not synced to your RHNTC account. First, please ensure you are logged in to your TRAIN and RHNTC accounts. On the TRAIN site, click on the "Go to Step 2 of Registration" button for the course you are trying to complete, which will take you to the RHNTC site. This should connect your TRAIN and RHNTC accounts. Try refreshing the TRAIN page, and see if the course changes to "completed." 

4. Can I add non-RHNTC courses from TRAIN to my RHNTC training list? 

Yes! You can add non-RHNTC trainings to a training list, but users will need to attest that they have completed the training and upload a certificate of completion, if available. Learn more about the RHNTC training tracking system and how to create a training list. 

5. Why would someone complete an RHNTC course through TRAIN instead of on the RHNTC site? 

Some states/affiliates use TRAIN to assign and track trainings on a wide range of content, including content outside of the RHNTC’s expertise. These affiliates may find it easier to assign RHNTC trainings via TRAIN instead of creating a separate training list on the RHNTC site. 

6. My agency is a TRAIN affiliate. I see a training on that is not available on TRAIN. Could you add it to TRAIN? 

Maybe! Please contact us with the details and we will look into it.

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