Grantee Technical Assistance

We are pleased to provide free, specialized technical assistance (TA) to support Title X and Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) grantees in their implementation of high-quality reproductive health services and programs.

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TA is a one-on-one engagement between a TA provider and grantee that focuses on a specific topic, issue, or challenge. Through TA, we work with Title X and TPP grantees to strengthen your capacity to address system-level issues related to Title X or TPP program implementation. For each TA engagement, we work with you to develop SMART objectives.

TA goes beyond staff training requests, though training may be part of a TA engagement that also looks at policies and procedures to support implementation of new or strengthened staff skills. TA provided through the RHNTC complements our other training resources, including live events, peer learning opportunities, and on-demand resources available on

Title X and TPP grantees can request TA for challenges related to the categories listed below:

  • Administrative operations: Communication; data collection and reporting; partnership development and onboarding; monitoring and training of subrecipients/subawardees; program design and implementation; program fidelity and/or adaptations; program management, etc.
  • Adolescent health: Adolescent development; evidence-based interventions; teen pregnancy and STDs; youth engagement, etc.
  • Fiscal operations: 3rd party billing and coding; charges; cost analysis; contracting and credentialing; financial management; sustainability, etc.
  • Quality improvement: Continuous quality improvement; learning agenda; patient experience; clinic efficiency; performance measures, etc.
  • Reproductive health: Clinical service delivery; cultural humility; health equity; maternal mortality/morbidity; Quality Family Planning recommendations, etc.
  • Administrative operations: RHNTC worked with a grantee to develop a plan and methods for timely, accurate, and comprehensive communication and formalized a communication strategy to ensure consistent communication across stakeholders.
  • Administrative operations: RHNTC supported a grantee to develop a training plan for staff, including building capacity to use the RHNTC Training Tracking System.
  • Financial operations: RHNTC supported a grantee to develop a Title X-compliant fee schedule and increased grantee capacity to conduct a cost analysis.
  • Reproductive health: RHNTC worked with a grantee to conduct a training of trainers about client-centered assessment of reproductive intention and contraceptive counseling and then integrate the framework into a visit monitoring protocol.

Requests for TA must be submitted by the Title X or TPP grantee agency (i.e., the agency that is the direct recipient of funds from the Office of Population Affairs, not a subrecipient, service site, or implementation partner). While TA is for the grantee agency, it can be used in collaboration with a subrecipient/subawardee, clinical service site, stakeholder, or partner.

  1. The RHNTC will reach out to you to conduct an initial intake call to further understand the context for your request and your goals; begin identification of SMART objectives; and identify next steps.
  2. Once a TA plan is agreed upon and approved, we will work with you over the duration of the TA engagement to monitor implementation of the TA plan.
  3. Upon conclusion of the TA request, we will confirm the TA objectives were met and will request that you complete an evaluation. The RHNTC may also follow up with you 3 months after the TA engagement for further evaluation.

Title X and TPP grantee agencies can request TA below.

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The RHNTC also offers Peer Learning Opportunities to engage with peer Title X and/or TPP grantee agencies.

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