Using the Training Tracking System for TPP Projects Toolkit

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Welcome to the Toolkit

The RHNTC Training Tracking System can help your Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) project meet your training and professional development goals and needs. It can support you in creating, implementing, and tracking completion of training plans for your TPP project staff or implementation partners.

Illustration of a TPP staff member looking at a computer screen

The toolkit will help TPP project administrators and/or training coordinators:

  • Learn how to assign trainings to TPP project team members or partners and track the completion of those trainings
  • Explore sample training lists designed for TPP projects

Anyone who creates an account on the RHNTC website can track their own completion of eLearning courses, archived webinars, and other training resources. People who request a Training Administrator account can also use the website to create and share Training Lists—or a training plan—with staff and partners. Once a staff member or partner saves and completes the Training List, the Training Administrator will be able to see this completion information for each assigned training resource.

The Training Tracking System only tracks completion for trainings offered through the RHNTC website. You can add non-RHNTC trainings to a training list, but staff and partners using the training list will need to manually note in the Training Tracking System that they have completed the external training and upload a certificate of completion, if available.

Action Steps
Supportive Resources

Under "Manage My Lists," click the button to “Create New Training List.”

Add a Title and Description for your Training List. Then click the “Add Training” buttons to search for and add training resources from the RHNTC website to your list. You can also manually add links to non-RHNTC websites. Save your list.

Your new Training List will now appear in your account. Click the "Share" button on the list to copy a shareable link to the list. Determine how you will share the link with your staff or networks (e.g., email, website, etc.), and paste it there along with the Using the RHNTC Website to Track Your Training Completion Job Aid. This is how you “assign'' the Training List.

Using the RHNTC Website to Track Your Training Completion Job Aid

Once staff and/or partners have created an account and saved the list, you can see their completion status for each assigned training resource. Click the “Manage Users” button to see who has saved the list.

Click the “View Completion Report” button for your list to see the completion status of each user. You can also download and edit a spreadsheet (CSV file) for your records.

Talk with your grantee liaison if you have questions or would like personalized support to use the RHNTC Training Tracking System  for your TPP project.

Or contact the RHNTC here.

A sample TPP Training List is a curated list of training resources on a topic relevant to TPP projects. If you have a Training Administrator account with the RHNTC Training Tracking System, you can copy and save a sample TPP Training List into your account. You can then edit it and share it with your project staff or partners.

There are currently two sample TPP Training Lists. This toolkit will continue to grow over time—check back for new sample training lists!