Expectations Tool for TPP23 Tier 2 Hub Project Directors

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The TPP23 Tier 2 Innovation Hubs Expectations provide a clear blueprint to support recipients in meeting their funding expectations. For OPA-specific guidance related to the Notice of Funding Opportunity expectations, please follow up with your OPA Project Officer.

This tool is designed to help TPP23 Tier 2 Hub project leaders identify available resources related to each of the expectations.

Use this tool in whatever way best meets your project needs. If your project is just getting started, consider reviewing all expectations and resources. Or pick and choose the ones that will strengthen your project’s approach to an expectation you need to strengthen.

What Expectation Do You Need Help With?

Click on an expectation in the graphic below to see its associated resources:

E x ecu t e a Cl e ar V ision t o Inspi r e H e a l th E qui t y B r e akth r oughs Imple m ent T h eo r y - D r i v en I n cu b a t or a n d / or A c c ele r a t or Stru c tu r e t o F a cilita t e T e am- b ased In n o v ations A d v a n c e Mu l tiple T e am C o h o r ts Th r ough t h e Hub Usi n g In t ensi v e In n o v ation C a p a ci t y -buildi n g P r o c ess(es) L e a r n, C u r a t e, a n d P r o p a ga t e F i n di n gs Moni t or a n d Imp r o v e Man a ge C ompl e x a n d A dapti v e In n o v ation