This expectation instructs TPP Tier 2 Rigorous Impact Evaluation projects to:

  • Incorporate monitoring and improvement activities into an annual work plan and make ongoing improvements based on key findings.
    • Performance Measures are reported to OPA on a semi-annual basis.
    • If recipients identify a need to change a measure, they will need to seek prior approval from OPA.
    • See Performance Measures and Work Plan guidance documents for more information.
  • Monitor participant enrollment, consent, and retention within the evaluation and report to OPA regularly via Consort Diagram. Monitor equivalence between evaluation groups and report regularly to OPA via baseline equivalence report.
  • Monitor implementation, including dosage, fidelity, and quality, for the implementation study and for quality improvement.
  • Observe a minimum of 10% of all intervention sessions and 100% of facilitators annually.
  • Develop measures that future implementers of the intervention could use for monitoring.
  • Reference Evaluation TA Guidance for further details.