Document, Package, and Disseminate the Intervention

This expectation instructs TPP Tier 2 Rigorous Impact Evaluation projects to:

  • Provide OPA with a complete electronic package of the final implementation-ready intervention by the end of the project.
  • Final package should include sufficient detail and all necessary components needed to replicate the intervention to scale, including materials needed, identification of core components, staff training requirements, and fidelity monitoring and quality improvement guidelines.
  • Develop a plan for distributing the intervention to others who might replicate it in the future, accounting for any training needed.
  • Disseminate evaluation results widely, including submission of journal articles and professional conference presentations.
    • Work with OPA to share findings broadly with key partners, the public, and policymakers.
    • Disseminate information about the intervention to organizations who may want to replicate it in the future.
  • Submit a final evaluation report that summarizes key findings and lessons learned from the project.