Reducing Maternal Mortality from Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Use Webinar

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Healthy Relationships Substance Use and Mental Health Title X Family Planning Program
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Homicide, suicide, and drug overdoses—all of which are strongly tied to intimate partner violence (IPV)—account for a large number of deaths during pregnancy. Therefore, addressing family planning clients’ relationships, mental health, and substance use is an essential part of providing quality reproductive health care. Intended for family planning clinical services providers and staff, this webinar reviewed how IPV, substance use, and maternal mortality intersect. The presenter also described the known risks of and contributing factors to IPV and substance use, and shared recommendations for how family planning agencies can help prevent IPV- and substance use-related maternal deaths.

This session was facilitated by Rebecca Levenson, MA, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director and Senior Health Policy Consultant for FUTURES Without Violence. Ms. Levenson is a nationally recognized researcher, educator, advocate, and speaker.

Time: 1 hour

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Video Chapters

  • Introduction
  • Opportunities for intervention and prevention (16:43)
  • The role of implicit bias in responding to clients’ needs (22:23)
  • Responding to reproductive coercion (28:04)
  • Next steps following IPV disclosure (40:00)
  • Q&A (43:30)

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