Demonstration Video Series: Applying the CUES Approach for Intimate Partner Violence Response

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Through brief provider-client interactions, this video series illustrates how to apply different components of the Confidentiality, Universal Education + Empowerment, and Support (CUES) intervention in response to intimate partner violence. These videos are intended for staff who interface with clients in a clinical setting (e.g., clinical services providers, nurses, health educators). 

The RHNTC developed this video series in partnership with Futures Without Violence.

Video 1: Universal Education and Screening for Intimate Partner Violence in a Reproductive Health Setting: A Demonstration

This video demonstrates the application of CUES versus traditional IPV screening in a reproductive health setting.

Video 2: Applying the “S” in CUES: Supporting a Client Who Discloses Intimate Partner Violence in a Reproductive Health Setting

This video demonstrates how to apply the “S” in the CUES approach to IPV, and illustrates how providers can support a client who discloses experiencing digital/online IPV.

Video 3: Navigating Historical and Current Reproductive Coercion with a Client in a Reproductive Health Setting

This video illustrates how IPV can affect personal reproductive health choices, specifically in the context of a client experiencing reproductive coercion with their sexual partner. The video also demonstrates how a provider can acknowledge a history of reproductive coercion in conversations with clients about their contraceptive options.


Time: 15 minutes

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