Preconception Health Resource Index

Preconception and Preventive Health Title X Family Planning Program
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This list is designed to provide Title X clinical staff with a repository of training, screening, and counseling resources that they can use to improve the preconception health services they deliver.

This list serves as a companion resource to the Preconception Counseling Checklist and is part of the Preconception Health Toolkit.

Client-Centered Reproductive Goals & Counseling Flow Chart

This job aid supports clinical staff in having client-centered discussions about reproductive goals during client visits.


Determining Your Client’s Need for Services and Discussing Reproductive Goals eLearning

This eLearning module explains how to apply the clinical pathway presented in Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs (QFP), including how to discuss a client's reproductive goals and assess whether they need other services.

Before or Between Pregnancies: Folic Acid

This resource outlines guidance for taking folic acid before and between pregnancies.

Depression Screening in Family Planning Settings Webinar Part 1

This webinar helps participants plan and implement a process for depression screening.


Depression Screening in Family Planning Settings Webinar Part 2

This webinar reviews the basic pharmacology of antidepressant medication and its proper use and dosing strategies.


Healthy Living Resources to Help Clients Prevent and Control Hypertension

This repository of free, online resources can support clinical staff in counseling clients about how to reach healthy living goals to prevent and control hypertension.


Hypertension Prevention and Control Improvement Toolkit

This toolkit highlights best practices for hypertension prevention, screening, diagnosis, and control.


Integrating Blood Pressure Screening into Preconception Health Services Job Aid

This job aid describes how to approach blood pressure screening and consultation, and the importance of integrating these practices into preconception health services.

Preconception Counseling Checklist

This checklist outlines elements of family history that clinical staff should discuss with clients during preconception health visits.


This website allows users to check whether certain medications could impact their health or the health of their child.

HPV Vaccine Toolkit: Increasing HPV Vaccine Uptake Among Adolescent Clients in the Family Planning Setting

This toolkit outlines three approaches to increase HPV vaccination rates, and provides suggested action steps and helpful resources.

STI Series, Part 1: Taking a Brief Sexual History & Using the Information for Risk Reduction Interventions Webinar

This webinar advises clinical staff about how to take a focused sexual history and conduct individualized risk reduction counseling sessions.


Guidance for Delivering HIV Pre-Test and Post-Test Results: Integrating HIV Screening Into Title X Services

This resource provides guidance on how to identify and standardize effective HIV screening services.


Chlamydia Screening Toolkit

This toolkit supports the facilitation of interactive learning sessions designed to help providers increase chlamydia screening rates.


Evidence-Based Strategies for Increasing Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening in Title X Settings Webinar

This webinar offers an overview of CDC’s chlamydia and gonorrhea screening, treatment, and prevention recommendations.


STD Crisis in America: Where Are We and What Can Be Done

This podcast addresses the impact of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on communities across the U.S.; the increase in prevalence of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis; and the importance of STD screening and treatment.


Virtual Coffee Break Webinar: Hepatitis A, B and C in the Family Planning Setting

This webinar provides an overview of hepatitis A, B, and C, and discusses why screening for these infections in a family planning setting is important.


Zika Toolkit for Healthcare Providers: Providing Family Planning Care for Non-Pregnant Women and Men of Reproductive Age in the Context of Zika

This toolkit provides up-to-date information about Zika and how to counsel women and men about family planning in the context of Zika.

The Clinical Content of Preconception Care: Environmental Exposures

This article outlines the risks associated with exposure to environmental toxins and which toxins clinicians should discuss with clients during preconception health visits.

Implementing Substance Use Screening Toolkit

This toolkit highlights best practices for substance use screening and counseling.


Tobacco Use Screening & Cessation Counseling for Reproductive Age Women Webinar

This webinar outlines evidence-based tobacco use screening and treatment approaches.


Summary of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Tools

This job aid summarizes validated screening tools that clinical staff can use when screening for substance use.

The Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence & HIV

This training builds skills and shares tools to enhance screening for intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV, and improve related counseling interventions.


Providing Trauma-Informed Care in Family Planning Clinics Webinar

This webinar focuses on practical ways to implement trauma-informed counseling strategies.

Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Prediabetes: Supporting Adolescents and Young Adults (Part 1) Webinar

This webinar describes how to support adolescents and young adults living with obesity, insulin resistance, and prediabetes.


Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Prediabetes: How to Initiate Counseling for Adolescents and Young Adults (Part 2) Webinar

This webinar describes culturally competent strategies for initiating counseling about obesity and diabetes prevention.