TPP Facilitator Self-Assessment

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Monitoring and Evaluation Youth Engagement Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
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It’s important for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program project facilitators to have the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors (collectively known as competencies) to develop strong relationships with youth, perform their job well, and contribute to a successful TPP project. The specific competencies needed to be an effective facilitator may vary depending on TPP project role, implementation setting, and participant population.

Use this tool to learn about competencies that are often valued in facilitation and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. This tool is designed for TPP project facilitators to assess their own competencies (independently or with others on their team), but it can also be used by TPP project leaders to assess the competencies of team members or implementation partners.

This tool is part of the Effective Facilitation & Youth Engagement: A Toolkit for Working with Youth.