Skills for Improving Family Planning Visits: Staff Meeting Package

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This meeting package is a suggested agenda and associated resources to help you facilitate a staff meeting to reinforce skills for engaging in positive interactions with patients. By the end of the meeting, staff will have had the opportunity to practice essential customer service skills that can improve every family planning visit.

This resource is part of the Patient Experience Improvement Toolkit

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the meeting, participants will be able to:

  • Make a welcoming statement
  • Use friendly words and tone of voice
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Put language in the positive
  • Offer options

To Prepare for the Meeting:

  • Invite family planning clinic staff to participate in the meeting. This meeting package is designed to facilitate a 2-hour staff meeting; consider splitting the activities up over two meetings if that works better for the team’s schedules.
  • Ask all family planning staff to watch The Family Planning Patient Experience: Skills to Improve Every Visit before the meeting, or make sure there is time during the team meeting to watch the video together (30 minutes).
  • During the meeting, you will need: 
    • A computer and A/V set up to view this meeting package and play the video. If facilitating a virtual meeting, you will also need a virtual meeting platform that enables screen sharing. Everyone should be able to see the team meeting package.
    • A space all staff can view to collaborate (e.g., flip chart, virtual white board, etc.).
    • Practicing Positive Interactions Slips Handout—Print out one copy of the handout for every four participants in this meeting. Cut the paper so that each quote is on its own slip and separated by category: Welcoming, Friendly, Empathy, Positive, and Options. Put the slips into five envelopes for their respective categories and label the envelopes. If facilitating a virtual meeting, you will share the link to the worksheet with participants during the activity.
    • Five Skills Handout (virtual link or enough copies for all participants, if printed)

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