Increasing Capacity to Provide Quality Family Planning Services Webinar (Part 2)

1.00 hr
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Clinic Efficiency Patient Experience Title X Family Planning Program
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This webinar from October 2017 introduces ways to identify inefficiencies in clinic systems and tools to engage staff in collaborative problem solving for improvement. Strategies that Title X agencies across the U.S. use to reduce patient wait time, improve clinic flow, and increase staff productivity without compromising patient experience or quality care are presented. Family planning clinics providing direct services, as well as the agencies that oversee them, will find the information covered during this webinar useful.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of clinic efficiency at family planning service sites
  • Engage clinic staff in two activities to identify system “waste” and causes for inefficiency
  • List at least three strategies to improve staff productivity, clinic flow, and clinic systems, and to increase efficiency

Time: 1 hour

Certificate of Completion: Yes - available after completing the evaluation at the end of the recording

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