Exploring All Options: Pregnancy Counseling Without Bias Video Series

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Pregnancy Testing Staff Training Expectations Title X Family Planning Program
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RHNTC and Envision SRH

Options counseling is a Title X expectation and a crucial provision of high-quality family planning services. The RHNTC worked with Envision SRH to update the previous Exploring All Options video series to better align with the 2021 Final Rule and the subsequent Title X 2022 Handbook.

Time: 45 minutes

Certificate of Completion: No


Scenario 1: Kit

Kit is a 19-year-old nonbinary client who is considering both medical and surgical methods to transition (female to male). After receiving a positive pregnancy test at the clinic, they are unsure how they want to proceed, especially with limited social support. 


Scenario 2: Luna

Luna is a 31-year-old client with a history of polycystic ovary syndrome and is taking an ACE-inhibitor for her hypertension. She is currently in a new relationship of six months. After receiving a positive pregnancy test result at the clinic, she feels a mix of emotions. She tried to conceive for a while in her previous relationship that lasted many years, but was unsuccessful. 


Scenario 3: Vanessa

Vanessa is a client in her 20s who visits the clinic for a pregnancy test with her one-year-old child. When she receives a positive pregnancy test result, she is disappointed. Following options counseling, Vanessa decides that termination of the pregnancy is the best option for her, currently. She states that she feels unprepared to care for another child. She is interested in getting an IUD as soon as possible after termination. 

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Scenario 4: Sophia

Sophia is a 16-year-old who visits the clinic after not having a period for a couple of months. Although this isn’t out of the ordinary since her periods are irregular, she took a pregnancy test at home, and got a positive result. She learns that she is at least 10 weeks pregnant during her clinic visit, and makes it clear to the clinician that she is not ready to be a mom. However, she is also apprehensive about termination. 

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