Bill the Correct Payer and Optimal Amount (Best Practice 1) Training Guide

1.00 hr
Job Aid
Billing and Coding Title X Family Planning Program
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This resource is part of a series to support facilitation of interactive learning sessions about how to implement the recommendations outlined in the Financial Management Change Package, whose purpose is to improve revenue.

The full Training Guide consists of a PowerPoint slide deck with talking points and an associated discussion guide.

Facilitators should feel free to adapt and revise this guide. Facilitators may choose to:

  • Convene staff from one or more clinics for a standing meeting (e.g., monthly) to discuss each Best Practice (in order or as needed) from the Financial Management Change Package.
  • Convene a one-time meeting with clinic staff about this topic.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of billing (or charging) the correct payer and optimal amount
  • Describe challenges related to billing the correct payer and optimal amount
  • Describe at least one strategy to bill the correct payer and optimal amount
  • Describe one tool available to support front-end practices

Time: 1 hour

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