Grantee Spotlight from Ohio

Strengthening Responses to Human Trafficking in Ohio


The Reproductive Health and Wellness Program at the Ohio Department of Health is deeply committed to combating human trafficking. The RHWP has taken a trauma-informed approach ensuring that all RHWP providers are equipped with the tools and education to identify and assist victims.
Michelle Clark, BSN, RN, RHWP Administrator

The Reproductive Health and Wellness Program (RHWP) at the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is a leader among Title X grantees in its response to human trafficking by helping family planning clinics identify and support victims and survivors. Drawing on national, state, and local resources, the RHWP has developed and implemented several efforts to strengthen its network’s response to human trafficking.

In 2014, ODH developed a Human Trafficking Observing and Reporting Protocol that includes common indicators to identify victims and survivors, screening questions, and an algorithm to help staff at family planning clinics determine appropriate responses. Five years ago, the RHWP held a human trafficking conference for its network that featured a presentation from a human trafficking survivor and youth advocate, along with breakout sessions that helped agencies strengthen local partnerships. RHWP is planning a similar event in partnership with the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force and continues to provide annual training on identifying and responding to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

For more resources, take the RHNTC’s eLearning courses on Identifying and Responding to Human Trafficking in Title X Settings and SOAR to Health and Wellness Human Trafficking, and download
Identifying and Referring Human Trafficking Victims and Survivors: Red Flags for Title X Clinicians, a job aid developed by the RHNTC.