Grantee Spotlight from Ohio

Creating Consistency in Setting Fee Schedules within a Title X Network


With 42 subrecipients, it was very challenging to monitor how fees were managed at each agency. Incorporating cost analysis tools into our [competitive subrecipient] solicitation allows us to have better oversight over each agency’s practices and pricing models. By requesting this information on an annual basis, we will be able to address any issues and provide technical assistance sooner.
Renee Holton, MPH, Health Services Policy Analyst, Ohio Department of Health

The Reproductive Health and Wellness Program (RHWP) at the Ohio Department of Health noticed inconsistency in the way their Title X subrecipients established full fee and sliding fee discount schedules. This inconsistency made it challenging for the RHWP to support their subrecipients and monitor financial operations across their network. The RHWP saw an opportunity to build consistency into their subrecipients’ operations by embedding clear guidance, templates, and expectations around setting fee schedules into their competitive subrecipient solicitation.

As an initial step, the RHWP received technical assistance through the RHNTC and worked with Debbie Sullivan, a health care consultant and former Title X grantee Chief Operating Officer, to host a virtual workshop on strategies and templates for setting a full fee and sliding fee discount schedule. The RHWP also facilitated a special discussion for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in their network on the difference between fee schedule requirements for FQHCs and Title X agencies. The workshop received positive feedback from project directors and laid the groundwork for a standard approach to setting fee schedules.

The RHWP recently implemented the final part of their plan: they incorporated guidance into their competitive solicitation for subrecipients that would help applicants meet their expectations in alignment with tools shared during the workshop. The RWHP expects that these efforts will make it easier for them to track and provide technical assistance across their network.

For guidance on completing a cost analysis and setting fee schedules, check out the Completing a Cost Analysis eLearning course and the Completing an Abbreviated Cost Analysis Toolkit. Additionally, the RHNTC will be hosting a series of Financial Management Office Hours for Title X staff, facilitated by Debbie Sullivan—register for the first session on April 27 on measuring and monitoring financial performance indicators.