Understanding Trauma and the Six Core Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach Meeting Package

1.00 hr
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Trauma-Informed Approaches Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Title X Family Planning Program
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This is the first in the Trauma-Informed Approach in Adolescent Health: Team Meeting Series. This meeting package includes a suggested agenda and resources to help you facilitate team conversations related to trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and to explore ways programs and staff can incorporate trauma-informed approaches for all.

While this meeting package is intended to be used in a group setting, team members could complete all or some activities independently (e.g., watching the video), depending on the team’s unique needs. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Define trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Describe the six core principles of a trauma-informed approach
  • Examine current program strengths and opportunities for improvement related to understanding trauma and the six core principles
  • Select at least one resource to learn more about trauma, ACEs, or a trauma-informed approach to adolescent health

To Prepare for the Meeting:

  • Have a computer set up to view the meeting package and play the video for everyone to watch together. Or share during a virtual meeting.
  • Make sure all team members have copies of the six core principles worksheet and discussion questions.

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