Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented, & Equitable (TIROE) Care: Helping Staff & Clients Feel Safe Meeting Package

2.00 hr
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Health Equity Trauma-Informed Approaches Title X Family Planning Program
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Adopting trauma-informed, resilience-oriented, and equitable (TIROE) care principles and practices improves client and staff engagement and retention, outcomes, and experience with care. A feeling of safety is the foundation of highly effective teams and quality client care in a TIROE organization. 

This meeting package is designed to help sexual and reproductive health organizations identify and apply strategies to help staff and clients feel psychologically, emotionally, physically, and culturally safe. 

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this meeting package, participants will be able to:

  • Define staff and client safety in the TIROE context
  • Identify actions staff can take to ensure client and staff safety 
  • Assess feelings of safety and satisfaction with the organization
  • Identify ways to address concerns raised by clients and staff 

How to Use This Resource:

Use this meeting package to facilitate group discussion with multidisciplinary teams representing diverse staff and perspectives to ensure agency-wide implementation. Staff are encouraged to complete the meeting package together. 

To Prepare for the Meeting: 

  • Identify ample time and appropriate space for uninterrupted discussion. This meeting package is designed to facilitate a 2-hour staff meeting (or three shorter ones), including time to watch the videos.
  • Invite staff to participate in the meeting. 
  • Make sure all team members have copies of all activities and worksheets.

To view this meeting package and play the videos, you will need:

  • A computer/audio-visual set-up 
  • If facilitating a virtual meeting, a virtual meeting platform that enables screen sharing

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