Providing Basic Infertility Services and Achieving Pregnancy in Title X Settings Clinician Cafe Website

Achieving Pregnancy and Infertility Title X Family Planning Program
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National Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (NCTCFP)

This archived Clinician Café from July 2022, hosted by the National Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (NCTCFP), featured curated resources to support the provision of basic infertility services in family planning care, including a Zoom chat with Dr. Rachael Urrutia on understanding infertility and using fertility awareness-based methods to achieve pregnancy, and podcasts with Dr. Hilary Reno and Jacki Witt, the Director of the NCTCFP, on providing basic infertility services in Title X settings. A Clinician Café is a virtual, multi-modal learning platform that allows participants to choose their methods of learning. It features journal articles, template protocols, podcasts, case studies, and Zoom chats with subject matter experts.