Use the RHNTC Schedule of Activities to help inform your own training activities in the coming year. Dates and topics are subject to change; check back for updates.


The RHNTC provides this schedule of activities so Title X and TPP grantees know what to expect from us over the next several months.

Human Trafficking

  • Job aids, guides

Related and Other Preventive Services

  • Substance use disorder services (case study)*

Introduction to the RHNTC

  • Website relaunch
  • RHNTC Meet & Greets
  • Welcome emails from RHNTC grantee liaisons

Human Trafficking

  • eLearning

Patient Experience

  • Trauma-informed care in the Title X setting (learning collaborative, January-September)*

Title X Program Management

  • Onboarding new Title X subrecipients (webinar)*

Grantee liaison calls to discuss training needs

Health IT

  • Data protection (webinar, job aid)*

Virtual Engagement Strategies

  • Virtual implementation of TPP programs (webinar)**
  • Increasing equity in access to virtual TPP program activities (job aid)** 

Grantee liaison calls to discuss training needs


  • Coding updates (eLearning, office hours, job aid)*

Contraceptive Services

  • Fertility awareness-based methods (job aid)



Related and Other Preventive Services

  • Preventing and managing hypertension (toolkit)*
  • Obesity, insulin resistance, and prediabetes (webinars)

Title X Program Management

  • I&E materials review process (webinar)*
  • Outreach for family planning services (job aid)*

Virtual Engagement Strategies

  • Strategies to address virtual burnout among youth (webinar, small group discussion)**


Health IT

  • Telehealth for family planning services (peer learning)*
  • FPAR 2.0 (resources)*

Preconception Health and Maternal Mortality

  • Preconception health (toolkit)
  • Maternal mortality and morbidity prevention (webinar)

Learning Agendas & CQI

  • Developing and applying a TPP learning agenda (webinar and small group discussion)**

Recruitment, Retention, and Sustainability of TPP Programs

  • Partnership building (job aid)**
  • Recruitment and retention of stakeholders (job aid)**
  • Trauma-informed approaches (toolkit)**

Systems Thinking

  • Applying systems thinking (toolkit)**

Dates & topics are subject to change – check for updates!

*Developed for Title X staff.
**Developed for TPP staff.