From Approval to Action: Mobilizing Continued Parental Support for Sex Education Workshop

1.50 hr
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Parent/Caregiver Engagement Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
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Statewide policies requiring comprehensive sex education (CSE) have been associated with better sexual health outcomes among youth, yet advocates for CSE often cite a perceived lack of support from parents or perceived controversy as a barrier to implementing CSE in schools. Parental support for CSE in schools remains high and has actually increased in recent years. This session highlighted findings from recent research conducted with a sample of parents regarding their support for sex education in school. Findings suggest strong parental support for CSE covering a wide range of content to meet students’ needs, and support advocacy and action to advance state legislation requiring CSE and underpinning the use of national sexuality education standards by grade.

During this workshop, participants practiced incorporating this messaging into conversations with parents and other stakeholders. Participants identified concrete strategies to engage parents in supporting sex education and left feeling connected to colleagues facing similar barriers.

Time: 1.25 hour

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Video Chapters

  • Introduction (01:00)
  • Surveying Minnesota Parents on Sex Ed (10:10)
  • Survey Results (16:43)
  • Repeating in 2021 (30:55)
  • Speaking Up for Sex Ed (41:13)
  • Grantee Examples of Navigating Controversy (57:30)

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