Addressing Weight Stigma and Bias in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Webinar

1.00 hr
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Health Equity Title X Family Planning Program
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Weight stigma and bias can limit access to quality sexual and reproductive health care by leading clinicians to provide lower-quality care and clients to delay or avoid health care. This webinar explored the concepts of weight stigma and bias, discussed the impact of weight stigma and bias on health behaviors and health care utilization, and provided basic strategies to reduce weight stigma and bias in the reproductive health care setting.

Time: 1 hour

Certificate of Completion: Yes available after completing the evaluation at the end of the recording

Video Chapters

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Introduction to Weight Stigma & Bias (5:20)
  • Impact of Weight Stigma of Health Behaviors (12:23)
  • Impact of Weight Stigma on Health Care Utilization (24:37)
  • Strategies to Reduce Weight Stigma and Bias (32:40)
  • Question & Answer (42:09)
  • Closing (54:46)

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