Our Team

The RHNTC is managed by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI). The RHNTC staff brings decades of experience building the capacity of personnel working in Title X and TPP programs through training and technical assistance (TTA). Our team consists of staff who develop and implement TTA; communicate TTA through various channels including the newsletter and social media; disseminate TTA via our knowledge management system (i.e. our website); and evaluate RHNTC TTA activities. Several TTA providers also serve as Grantee Liaisons who serve as the primary point of contact for grantees with the RHNTC and who periodically reach out to grantee staff to discuss training needs. 

Rene Esler, Budget Manager
Mary McCrimmon, Admin Support
Katie Quimby, Deputy Director
Katie Saul, Project Director
Nancy Thomas, Contracts Manager
Title X Team
Hannabah Blue, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Naomi Clemmons, Grantee Liaison
Michelle Dawson, TTA Provider
Deborah Dean, TTA Provider
Robbie Floyd, Team Support
Angelique Higgins, Team Support
Caitlin Hungate, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Deepika Kandasamy, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Jillian Maccini, TTA Provider
Lisa Schamus, Team Lead
Meg Sheahan, TTA Provider, Clinical Consultant, Grantee Liaison
Panos Smyrnios, Team Support
Nancy Thomas, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Reggie Warren, TTA Provider
Ilana Webb, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
* Additional Title X Grantee Liaisons included in the OWH Team

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Team
Katelyn Dore, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Donna Elliston, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Yvonne Hamby, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Megan Hiltner, Team Lead
Grace Hoegler, Team Support
John Karikas, Team Support
Adriana Lopera, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Stacey Moody, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Aisha Moore, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison
Ilana Webb, TTA Provider, Grantee Liaison

Office on Women’s Health (OWH) Team
Devon Brown, TTA Provider, Title X Grantee Liaison
Naomi Clemmons, TTA Provider, Title X Grantee Liaison
Naima Cozier, TTA Provider, Title X Grantee Liaison
Jennifer Kawatu, Team Lead
Caila Kilson-Kuchtic, Team Support
Hayley Page, Team Support
Fonda Ripley, TTA Provider, Title X Grantee Liaison
Amanda Ryder, TTA Provider, Title X Grantee Liaison
Meg Sheahan, TTA Provider, Clinical Consultant, Title X Grantee Liaison
Clancey Bateman, Team Lead
Frances Marshman, Editor
Chris Barker, Graphic Designer
Rachael Meyer, Graphic Designer, Team Support
Holley Silirie, Graphic Designer
Tajan Braithwaite-Renderos, Team Lead
Laura Gerard, Evaluator
Anna Laurence, Coordinator/Team Support
Kimberly Lay, Database Administrator
Jenette Spezeski, Evaluator
Natalie Spitzer, Data Analyst
Daniel Cothran, Website Developer
Elizabeth Costello, Team Lead
Ben Cox, Website Developer
Jessie Daigneault, Website Manager
Michael Mwebaze, Website Developer
Joshua Yospyn, Website Designer and Developer

Contact the RHNTC

You may contact us with questions at any time. Title X and TPP grantees are also welcome to contact their RHNTC grantee liaisons with questions.