Finding Your Answers to FPAR 2.0 Questions Webinar

1.00 hr
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FPAR Title X Family Planning Program
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This webinar presented an overview of resources available to support Title X grantees and subrecipients in their transition to FPAR 2.0. Additionally, the webinar showed how to find available FPAR 2.0 information and guidance, as well as how to apply this information and find answers to FPAR 2.0-related questions.


  • Jillian Maccini, RHNTC TTA provider

Learning Objectives:

  • Know how to find available FPAR 2.0 information and guidance
  • Investigate answers to FPAR 2.0-related questions
  • Identify one or more ways to apply the FPAR 2.0-related information presented

Time: 1 hour

Certificate of Completion: Yes - available after completing the evaluation at the end of the recording

Video Chapters

  • Introduction (02:17)
  • Learning Objectives (3:40)
  • Overview: OPA FPAR 2.0 Page (04:42)
  • Case Examples and Where to Find Answers (11:25)
  • Case One Example--Security Concerns (12:21)
  • Security Practices (13:30)
  • De-Identify (14:50)
  • Requirements for Birthday (17:44)
  • Case Two Example Which Responses to Submit (19:50)
  • Case Three Example (27:19)
  • Tobacco Use/Smoking Status (30:48)
  • CSV of Encounter Level Data (33:30)
  • Discussion (35:50)

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