Emergency Contraception Fast Facts Job Aid

Job Aid
Contraception Title X Family Planning Program Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
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This job aid provides fast facts about emergency contraception (EC) for use with clients, staff, and community. Use the PDF as is, or customize the Word document to create your own staff or client materials about what EC is, and what it is not. Cut and paste the messages into a new document, add your agency’s logo, or use as is.

For use with staff:

  • Share in a meeting
  • Print and use as a reference when talking with clients
  • Share in your agency’s email newsletter or website
  • Share broadly with community members and partner organizations

For use with clients:

  • Incorporate this information into handouts, brochures, and clinic posters
  • Post the information on your agency’s website with other materials

Note: Title X grantees and subrecipient agencies are required to have a review and approval process, by an Advisory Committee, for all informational and educational (I&E) materials developed or made available under the project, prior to their distribution. The RHNTC I&E Materials Review Toolkit has resources to ensure compliance with this Title X expectation

For more detailed information on Emergency Contraception Facts for Family Planning Staff Job Aid and the Emergency Contraceptive (EC) Methods Table.

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