Grantee Spotlight from Louisiana

Providing Contraception Without Unnecessary Delays


Giving women the type of birth control they want, when they want it, and in a setting in which they feel like there are no barriers makes a huge difference in how women feel about themselves and their reproductive health.
Cindy Griffin, APRN, Regional Nurse Supervisor
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The Louisiana Office of Public Health has been championing the effort to increase access to the full range of contraceptive methods across the state. At Rapides Parish Health Unit in Central Louisiana, over 5,000 clients seek reproductive health services annually. In the past, when women were routinely asked to return for a second visit for certain methods, such as an IUD or implant, as many as 30 percent did not return. This 5-minute video outlines the three strategies Rapides relies on to provide same-visit contraception. Women can now leave the clinic with their desired methods of contraception on the same day, if medically safe (and they can be reasonably certain she is not pregnant).