Grantee Spotlight from Arizona

Onboarding New Subrecipients Utilizing the Title X Policy Templates


I originally downloaded the TItle X policy templates to use with FQHCs we are onboarding, but as a new Title X grantee program manager, they also helped me learn the Title X Requirements. I was on the plane to NFPRHA reading the site monitoring tool line by line thinking how am I ever going to remember this, and the policy templates provided a simplified understanding!
April McCue, AFHP Program and Data Manager
Staff from the Arizona Family Health Partnership stand with wide grins in front of a background of their organization's logo.

Arizona Family Health Partnership (AFHP) is currently expanding its network of subrecipients by onboarding four new Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). One of the biggest challenges onboarding any new Title X subrecipient is adopting Title X-compliant policies and procedures. The FPNTC-developed policy templates include Title X Rules and Requirements, which helped AFHP to streamline their onboarding process. The citations in the templates were helpful for the subrecipient leadership to better understand the justification for each policy requirement. Additionally, the templates are easy to adopt and give FQHCs aiming to keep Title X Program requirements separate from their existing policies, procedures, and protocols an easy mechanism to do this. One new subrecipient successfully drafted policies within a week of AFHP introducing the templates to them.