Revised Family Planning Annual Report (FPAR) 2.0 Data Elements and Timeline

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Family Planning Annual Report (FPAR) 2.0 is a standards-based reporting system that has been in development for several years. This new reporting system will collect encounter-level data that will help to improve data reporting and analysis.

In 2019, an earlier version of the data elements was posted before the Title X grantee meeting. After further review by OPA staff, and incorporating feedback from stakeholders, OPA released a revised list of Family Planning Annual Report (FPAR) 2.0 Data Elements in August 2020. The current list deletes and revises elements and response options from the previous list. Previously, the full technical specifications were released including code sets for responses. Due to the recently made revisions, the currently posted version is a high-level overview for reference as OPA works to finalize the technical details. Minor changes may occur. The technical specifications in C-CDA and Flat File formats will be made available at a later date.

Along with the revisions to the data elements, OPA announced a revised implementation timeline. FPAR 2.0 data collection will start in January 2022. Grantees will report this data in 2023.

Title X subrecipient and service site personnel should contact their primary grantee organization if they have further implementation questions. Title X grantee personnel should contact their OPA project officer if they have questions or need further guidance and information.