New Training Tracking System Features for Training Administrators Webinar

1.00 hr
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Title X Family Planning Program
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This webinar from November 2018 introduced new training tracking features to help Title X grantees and subrecipients track and report Title X staff’s completion of training on the FPNTC website. Through a live demo with FPNTC staff, webinar participants learned how to request a Training Administrator user account, create a customized list of training resources that can be shared with staff, track completion of those trainings, and download a completion report. We also shared a new job aid that summarizes federal Title X training requirements that can be used as a starting point for developing training lists.

Intended Audience: This webinar is intended for Title X grantees and subrecipients that are responsible for developing training plans at their agency and ensuring that subrecipients and service sites comply with Title X training requirements.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how to create and assign a Training List to program staff.
  • Describe how to track training participation after sharing the Training List.
  • Distinguish between an individual training participant account and a Training Administrator account on
  • Request a Training Administrator account on
  • Identify a new tool that summarizes federal Title X training requirements.

Time: 1 hour

Certificate of Completion: Yes - available after completing the evaluation at the end of the recording