Maximizing Third Party Reimbursement for HIV Testing: Integrating HIV Screening Into Title X Services Guide

3rd Party Billing Title X Family Planning Program
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This guide outlines a process for identifying the top 10 payers (health insurance plans) for a given state or area. The process includes gathering key information from each state or area that may impact reimbursement for providing HIV testing services (e.g., requirements associated with co-pays or deductibles, correct billing codes to use, rate of reimbursement, and health insurance coverage limitations) to insured clients. The guide is intended to be customized to a family planning provider network (or clinic, if working at the service site level). Once customized, this guide can be used as a stand-alone document that can be posted on relevant websites, distributed via email, or printed and disseminated to members of a family planning provider network to ensure maximum reimbursement for HIV testing services.