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HIV Prevention Toolkit: A Gender-Responsive Approach

Training Guide
Sexually Transmitted Disease Services

Considering gender in HIV prevention programming is important because gender inequalities and inequity significantly impact women's and adolescent girls' vulnerability and risk for HIV infection. This toolkit, created for the Office of Women's Health, provides background on gender as a social determinant of health and the impact of gender on HIV risk and vulnerability. It then explains how to conduct a gender analysis, such as examining gender-based differences in the patterns of HIV incidence, modes of transmission, and access to treatment and care, in order to integrate these factors in HIV prevention programming.

Designed for health departments, clinical staff, academics, program planners, managers, and community providers who are involved in HIV prevention programs for women and adolescent girls, the toolkit comes with a companion training guide. This guide includes the materials needed to run a three-day training for organizations implementing HIV programs.