FPAR 2.0 Affinity Groups Application


Has your agency been thinking about the transition to FPAR 2.0? Have you wondered how other agencies are tackling some of the challenges?  Now you can join your Title X colleagues to prepare for the FPAR 2.0 transition! From February - June 2022, the RHNTC will offer virtual, peer-led affinity groups to provide space for you and your Title X colleagues to share progress, pitfalls, and promising practices as you begin to implement changes to your data systems in order to report FPAR 2.0. Joining these groups is appropriate for all programs, and will be an opportunity discuss topics related to the FPAR 2.0 transition including:

  • Getting started, orientation to materials 
  • How to identify Title X encounters and family planning users
  • Data system configuration
  • Ensuring and maintaining client privacy
  • Building buy-in among staff and leadership
  • Workflow development and training
  • Anticipating and preempting challenges (e.g. incorporating lab and other external data)

Bring your questions, comments, and experiences to this peer-focused space. You'll have the chance to learn how others are navigating similar experiences.

Objectives: By the end of six affinity group sessions, your organization will:

  • Build relationships with Title X colleagues with similar data systems
  • Strengthen your understanding of how to report FPAR 2.0 using your data system
  • Strategize solutions to data collection and reporting challenges with organizations reporting through the same mechanism

Participants: Joining these groups is appropriate for all Title X programs, including grantees (whether or not they have requested a waiver to OPA for an alternate reporting pathway) and subrecipient agencies.

Schedule: Sessions for each of the six affinity groups will take place monthly from January - June 2022 and the dates of the monthly sessions for each affinity group will be determined based on the availability of the group’s participants and peer facilitator. 

Deadline: January 21, 2022

Registration Instructions: 
Sign up by 11:59 PM ET on January 21, 2022. RHNTC will host groups for direct service agencies, meaning those grantees and/or subrecipients that provide direct services to clients and are collecting encounter-level data for FPAR 2.0 and for grantees that collect, aggregate, and report data from multiple service sites. Your responses to the registration questions will help RHNTC determine the most appropriate affinity group for your organization.