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The What and Why of Systems Mapping for TPP Programs Webinar

“Systems thinking requires a shift in our perception of the world around us.” —Leyla Acaroglu, Systems Thinking Expert 

Looking for a practical way to apply systems thinking to your TPP program? Systems mapping is a helpful tool you can use to visualize your program’s system in order to better understand its strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

In this webinar, TPP program staff will learn more about what a systems map is and how to use this tool to support program planning and implementation. They will also hear from a TPP program peer about how systems mapping (and receiving technical assistance on this topic) helped shape their program. Finally, participants will practice creating a systems map in small groups. 

This webinar builds on the Mental Models for Creating Systems Change Webinar (February 2022) and the Reinforcing Loops for Systems Change in TPP Programs Webinar (March 2022). This webinar is intended for TPP program staff.

  • Sheri Marlin, M.Ed., Chief Learning Officer, Waters Center for Systems Thinking
  • Vicki Draeger, Ph.D. Program Director, Life-Skills, Empowerment, And Development Services, Inc. (LEADS)

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand how systems mapping can help them describe their TPP program's system
  2. Describe how to use a systems map
  3. Create a systems map for their program