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Revenue Cycle Management: Office Hours for Title X Staff

Is your Title X agency unsure how to create an efficient and effective revenue cycle management process or in need of a refresher? It is important to focus on the tasks and processes in each phase of the revenue cycle: pre-visit, visit, and post-visit.

This 1-hour session—the second of three interactive office hours on financial practices this year—will highlight issues and best practices for each of the three revenue cycle phases. Debbie Sullivan, a health care consultant and former Title X grantee Chief Operating Officer, will provide an overview, and all speakers will be available to answer questions. The office hour will also showcase related RHNTC resources and tools.

This office hour is intended for Title X staff (specifically office managers, executive directors, and/or finance managers). Participants will be approved after registering through Zoom.


  • Debbie Sullivan, MBA, Health Care Consultant
  • Caitlin Hungate, MDP, RHNTC TTA Provider and Fiscal Lead
  • Nancy Thomas, MHA, RHNTC TTA Provider

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify 1 opportunity for improvement in each revenue cycle management phase.
  2. Describe at least 1 best practice recommendation for managing each revenue cycle phase.
  3. Name at least 2 resources that support revenue cycle management improvement efforts.