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Putting Systems Thinking Into Practice for TPP Programs

Are you looking for ways to apply systems thinking in your Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program? This webinar will provide an orientation to the Putting Systems Thinking Into Practice Toolkit developed by the RHNTC. The toolkit offers action steps and supportive resources to help TPP project directors and program managers adopt a systems thinking approach and support their staff in incorporating this thinking into their work.

Wondering what systems thinking is? Systems thinking offers organizations a way to approach complex and persistent problems to bring about change more effectively. It helps create understanding of the broader system in which the TPP program functions, and how staff can identify leverage points that have a significant impact on teen pregnancy and STIs, contributing to improved health and well-being for adolescents.

During the webinar, speakers will share case study examples for applying the strategies outlined in the toolkit, and participants will have the opportunity to discuss systems thinking with their peers. Discussions will address how to strengthen your program’s role and establish community partnerships within your system of care and ways to incorporate systems change principles into your program’s evaluation efforts.

This webinar is intended for TPP grantees, including project directors and program managers. Participants will be approved after registering through Zoom.


  • Yvonne Hamby, RHNTC Grantee Liaison
  • Megan Hiltner, RHNTC Grantee Liaison
  • April Anzaldua, Director of Community Services & Development, Community Action Corporation of South Texas
  • Berta Longoria, Director of Youth and Counseling Programs, Community Action Corporation of South Texas
  • Sharon Hoefer, Project Manager, Texas Foster Youth Health Initiative, The University of Texas at Austin

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify at least one systems thinking approach to apply to TPP program work
  2. Discuss systems thinking concepts and application among peers
  3. Identify RHNTC resources to support application of systems thinking approaches in your program