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Maintaining Equity, Access, and Quality in a Changing Policy Landscape: Convenings for Title X Project Leadership

The RHNTC invites Title X grantees to join us for convenings on Maintaining Equity, Access, and Quality in a Changing Policy Landscape. A series of three convenings will take place throughout the spring as an opportunity to connect with fellow grantees in person.

  • Atlanta, GA: March 21 - 22, Meeting location TBD
  • Phoenix, AZ: April 19-20, Meeting location TBD
  • Indianapolis, IN: May 18-19, Meeting location TBD

Over the course of 1.5 days, participants will engage in a series of interactive workshops to assist grantees in identifying strategies and actions to support family planning services amid state policy changes that are already having an impact on equity and accessibility. Sessions will include: approaches to adapting to changing legal and policy landscapes; adaptive leadership practices; strategies to support equity, quality and access to contraception; training on non-directive options counseling; establishing effective community partnerships; and strategies for supporting Title X staff. Sessions will include tailored resources and space and facilitation for discussion and action planning. The agenda will be the same for each convening.

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Purpose and Objectives

These purpose of each convening is to: 

  • Connect grantees during interactive sessions with facilitated discussion on the challenges and opportunities for Title X Program planning and implementation
  • Discuss strategies for adapting to state policy changes that affect service delivery 

By the end of each convening, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify resources to support ongoing provision of Title X family planning services amid a changing policy landscape
  • Identify and apply actions that support Title X staff and service delivery


We welcome Title X grantee teams to attend one of the three convenings. Convenings are intended for Title X grantee staff in the following roles: directors/administrators, program managers, clinical leadership (e.g., medical director, nurse consultant, clinical consultant), training directors, quality improvement directors, and strategic communication staff.

Individual staff of grantee organizations are welcome to register for the convening location of their choice. We encourage grantee teams to attend the same convening to support team action planning, however this is not required (i.e., individuals from the same grantee organization can attend different convenings). Individuals are limited to attending one convening and the RHNTC will confirm Title X grantee status before accepting registrations. 

We welcome up to 5 participants per grantee agency. If you have questions or concerns about this number or want to request additional participation please reach out to the RHNTC.

Travel Costs & Lodging

Each convening is free to attend. The RHNTC will provide $1,500 stipends for up to 5  individuals per grantee agency to cover travel costs. Stipends will be paid directly to grantee agencies and based on registration. Stipends will be paid out to respective grantee agencies following each convening approximately 30 days after the submission of the required paperwork. Reach out to the RHNTC (email with any questions or concerns, or if you are in need of further assistance to support your attendance.

Hotel rooms for each convening will be offered at a discounted rate. Information for booking your hotel stay will be provided in an email following confirmation of your registration. 


Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis until the maximum is reached. Register for the convening in Atlanta on March 21-22 by February 19th, for Phoenix by March 17th, and for Indianapolis by April 17th.