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Brand Name Ideation and Creative Briefs: Office Hours for TPP Programs

Looking for more guidance on generating the right brand name for your TPP program? Join Healthy Teen Network for an office hour session—the final in a branding-related series—that dives deeper into how to approach rethinking your program name.

During these structured office hours, you will have the chance to apply and build on what you learned in Brand Building for Change in Your Community: For TPP Grantees Workshop. If you didn’t participate in the original workshop, please view the workshop recording before attending the office hours.

This office hour is available only to staff from TPP Program grantee organizations. Participants will be approved after registering through Zoom.


  • Nicholas Sufrinko, Creative Direction & Product Design Manager, Healthy Teen Network
  • Allison Tomai Felsen, Communications Manager, Healthy Teen Network