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Brand Building for Change in Your Community: For TPP Grantees

Powerful brands spark action and change behavior. In our line of work, they can change the world and you—yes, you—play a crucial role in crafting them.

In this workshop, TPP program directors, program managers, and implementation staff will experience positive youth development brand-building in action. Participants will learn how carefully crafted brands can position interventions for success and how to connect with audiences on deep, emotional levels to build brand loyalty and support program recruitment and retention. Participants will discover how to create branding guidelines that effectively communicate your key message with implementation staff, youth, and adults in your community. Finally, participants will leave with a deeper appreciation for the magic of brands and the role we all have in building them—and in changing the world.

This workshop will be facilitated by Nicholas Sufrinko and Allison Tomai Felsen of Healthy Teen Network.


  • Nicholas Sufrinko, Creative Direction & Product Design Manager, Healthy Teen Network
  • Allison Tomai Felsen, Communications Manager, Healthy Teen Network

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least 3 benefits of powerful brands
  • Define and create an example of a brand persona 
  • Select and combine 2 brand archetypes for a brand to embody
  • Explain how to identify characteristics of and craft brand guidelines for your program voice and style