Register for the Title X Subrecipient Onboarding Affinity Groups

Is your agency preparing to onboard new subrecipients? Have you wondered how other agencies are tackling onboarding challenges? From June through September 2022, the RHNTC will offer four virtual, peer-led affinity group sessions designed for sharing progress, pitfalls, and promising practices as Title X grantees begin to contract with and onboard new subrecipients. Affinity groups will serve as a space for Title X grantees to discuss subrecipient onboarding and to learn from each other. During each affinity group session, Title X grantee staff with onboarding experience will facilitate breakouts by focus area (clinical, administrative, fiscal, and data). 

Registrations are due by 11:59 PM ET on June 3, 2022 and will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Registrations must be submitted by a Title X grantee. Grantees can include up to four participants, one from each focus area (clinical, administrative, fiscal, and data). The RHNTC will notify all registrants of next steps by June 13, 2022. Please review the registration questions prior to completing the form. If you have questions prior to registering, please contact the RHNTC at

Register for the Title X Reproductive and Sexual Health Equity Peer Learning Group

Title X grantees are invited to join the Title X Reproductive and Sexual Health Equity Peer Learning Group (PLG). From May through October 2022, the RHNTC will host a virtual PLG based on the reproductive and sexual health equity framework as described in this article. The PLG will serve as a safe space for learning and unlearning, in the process of considering strategies, challenges, and opportunities for implementing this framework. In this PLG, Title X grantee teams will engage in both head (language, research, reason) and heart (fairness, justice, meaning) work as they work to understand the power dynamics within the reproductive health field.

The RHNTC has partnered with Tiffany Cornwall and ChiChi Enwere from Advancing Health Equity (AHE), who will assist in co-facilitating this PLG. AHE’s mission is to engage with healthcare organizations to dismantle racism in healthcare with the goal of mobilizing towards health equity and eradicating racial health inequities. The PLG will also include session-specific subject matter experts, such as authors of the Evolving the Preconception Health Framework article and speakers from the Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health Equity in Family Planning Podcast Series.

The Reproductive and Sexual Health Equity PLG is full and no longer accepting registrations. If you are interested in this topic for future peer learning opportunities, please complete the form below to share your information.